Thanks to everyone who visited during Private College Week and 21st Century Scholars Day! We had a great week. Be on the lookout for information about next summer’s events!

You can also visit any of Indiana’s private colleges and universities whenever it’s most convenient for you. Click the button below to see how!

Just a few of the many reasons Indiana’s private colleges are the smart choice:


  • Availability of Financial Aid: More than 90% of students at Indiana’s private colleges receive one or more types of financial aid (state, federal, institutional aid, and/or special scholarships), making a private college education affordable and often no more expensive (and sometimes even less so) than a state university.
  • Personal Attention: Class size at Indiana’s private colleges and universities averages 14 students to one professor, and graduates are more likely to report that they are “highly satisfied” with the quality of their education.
  • Opportunities for Leadership: With smaller and more personal learning environments, there are more opportunities for students to be involved in extracurricular activities of all sorts, further developing their leadership skills.
  • Higher Graduation Rates: Students at Indiana’s private, non-profit campuses are twice as likely to graduate in four years as students at other types of institutions.

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