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Answer Scripts
Hi, I’m David Wantz, president of Independent Colleges of Indiana. It’s an association of the 30 private, not-for-profit colleges in the Hoosier state. And we’d like to provide you with some information that might make your decision about where to go to college a little easier for you. Of course, we’d love to have you studying on one of our campuses, but it’s more important that you find the right place for you. The place that fits and feels right for you. It’s a big decision. You probably have a lot of questions. And so, we’ve created a College Q&A Toolkit for you. You can find it at www.collegetoolkit.org. In it, you’ll find an assortment of videos, answering questions about financial aid, about majors, about the admissions process, campus life. They’re all made by people who live on campuses – admissions counselors, financial aid advisors, and students. Like me, they want to give you accurate information, helpful to you in making this college choice. You’ll also find information about our 30, affordable, non-profit colleges here in Indiana. Wherever you go, we really do hope it’s the best choice for you, and you have a wonderful experience. And we’ll see you on campus.